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In 2023, Simon Schmieder started a remarkable journey by establishing his own independent boardgame publishing company,"Spiel the Game". This step followed the resounding success of "Thiefdom", a project he completed in collaboration with Karma Games. Simon's unwavering passion for boardgames and his unbridled vision for crafting immersive gaming experiences were the driving forces behind this venture. Inspired by his recent move to Indonesia, a year ago, Simon developed his latest game, "Jakarta Traffic".


At "Spiel the Game", we are committed to shattering some of the conventions that have long defined the gaming industry. Our mission is to create a new era of gaming, marked by unparalleled depth, meticulous attention to detail, and captivating themes. This endeavor is supported by the dedication of Simon's trusted colleague, Bastian Schmiedecke, who is particularly involved in logistics and development, as well as the soundtracks.

With a background in graphic design, Simon personally oversees the art direction and graphic design of our games. This fusion of creative passion and professional expertise guarantees that every creation under the "Spiel the Game" banner not only meets but consistently exceeds the highest standards in terms of both content and visuals.

As a passionate traveller and explorer Simon finds inspiration in both daily life and on his journeys. He loves to just sit down, stare at a wall and think about themes and mechanics. When designing a game, Simon will not stop testing over and over again until the game flows. 

Simon Schmieder

Favorite game: Spirit Island
Favorite two player game: 7 Wonders Duel
What game I introduce to new gamers: Cascadia
What game I bring to the pub: Startups

Bastian Schmiedecke

Favorite game: Terraforming Mars
Favorite two player game: Patchwork
What game I introduce to new gamers: King of Tokyo
What game I bring to the pub: Spicy

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