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Hawker, set collection with a twist

Hawker Prototype

Hawker is a food vendor in south east Asia, selling food to people gathering in a food court, or "Hawker". My goal for this game is to provide an easy and fast setup, minimum downtime and strategic and meaningful decisions with simple rules. Players will simultaneously pick a coin to buy ingredients from the market. The player with the lowest coin will start. If players picked the same coin, they will swap cards and must end their turn. Each card shows an ingredient with a number on one side and a coin with a number on the other side. The sum of those numbers is 7. When buying from the market, players are allowed to buy any ingredient with the same number as the coin or lower. If a player pays the exact amount to buy an ingredient, you can place your sell marker on one of the cards, hoping another player will buy that card. If that happens you are allowed to flip one of your cards behind the screen. Once you have three ingredients collected, you can decide to cook dishes, to both impress customers but also present it well, so photos will be uploaded and your food stand reaches a wider audience. The game ends as soon as all plates are used for cooked dishes. Whoever has the most points claims victory and can open a restaurant very soon. I am testing Hawker offline wherever I am at the moment, but I also uploaded a version in Tabletop Simulator. Curious? Reach out to me, and we can find a time to test online (or offline). Simon

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