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Jakarta Traffic

Aktualisiert: 3. Okt. 2023

An interactive pick up and deliver game, inspired by tsuro and Ravensburgers Labyrinth.

Allow me to share some details on the intriguing #mechanism at the heart of my game Jakarta Traffic. Picture this: you're navigating through a maze, a symbolic representation of the city's chaotic traffic. Blue paths provide the traffic gaps that connect your journey. As you venture into a geometrical symbol, you gracefully park and conclude your turn. But before you embark on this journey, you have a crucial first action at your disposal – honking, a maneuver to manipulate the traffic.

Together with many testers in Indonesia I tried to make Jakarta Traffic as authentic as possible. I think it is crucial that players learn about the theme while playing and come out smarter after they played my games.

The quest to find the perfect balance between a challenging puzzle and an enjoyable experience took some time. Initially, I explored the mechanics of the classic game "Labyrinth" by #ravensburger. However, the intricacies of line manipulation proved too complex for the layout I had envisioned. It was during a playtest at @downtime in Bali that the owner, Onny, introduced me to Tsuro and suggested, "I think this layout might work for your game." His insight was spot on! With a few adjustments and the clever addition of parking slots in the middle of the tiles, rather than on the path itself, the magic happened. Players could now navigate paths more easily and swiftly, yet the need for strategy and forward planning remained intac

Tiles adorned with tokens gained a new significance – they couldn't be manipulated. This ingenious mechanism not only allowed players to block their fellow drivers but also seamlessly wove the theme of traffic jams throughout the city. A cute little compass token helps players, if they cannot visualize what will happen, when they spin a tile.

A special mention must go to @winsoy for his dedicated efforts in illustrating the intricate details of Jakarta's vibrant street life. As players await their turns, they often find themselves planning their routes in advance or simply reveling in the delightful board details – from people cooking and dining on the streets to demonstrations and even impromptu chess matches.

As we embark on this journey, we invite you to subscribe to our Kickstarter page and join us in embracing the delightful chaos of Jakarta Traffic. Let the traffic jam.

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