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The Streets of Jakarta: Chaotic Fun Awaits

As the Azan echoes through the early morning, Jakarta, the vibrant capital of Indonesia, starts buzzing with life. With over 30 million residents, the city awakens to the rhythmic pulse of daily existence. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, a notorious challenge awaits – the infamous Jakarta traffic. The city's sprawling streets are for their congestion, dictating the daily routines of its inhabitants. But rather than grappling with the chaotic streets themselves, many turn to innovative super apps that summon moped drivers for food, grocery deliveries, and swift transportation. In Indonesia, these motorbike taxi drivers are affectionately known as Ojek Drivers.

Welcome to "Jakarta Traffic": A Thrilling Urban Adventure

Step into the exhilarating world of Jakarta Traffic, a strategic pickup-and-deliver board game set against the dynamic backdrop of Jakarta's bustling streets. Aa a rookie Ojek driver, representing the new startup Ambil Dong, your mission is clear: carve out a reputation as the fastest, most skilled driver and ascend to legendary status among your fellow Ojek riders.

Compete head-to-head against 1–4 players in a high-stakes race to fulfill orders, navigate the frenzied streets, and execute precise and swift deliveries. With a modular board comprised of 25 exquisitely illustrated street tiles, each game offers a fresh and dynamic experience.

Strategies and Skills on the Road

Strategize as you pick up five different types of goods, adeptly manage the value of orders, and seize the perfect moments to weave through traffic snarls, ensuring punctual deliveries. Harness your skills to manipulate traffic patterns, gain an advantage over your rivals, and pave your way to victory.


"Jakarta Traffic" offers six diverse modules, including Rupiah, Candy Crash, Special Orders, Azan, Ondel Ondel, Polisi, and Nongkrong, guaranteeing an incredibly variable setup that promises endless enjoyment and remarkable replayability.

A Note from the Author: Truly Jakarta, From Music to Playtesting

What makes "Jakarta Traffic" truly remarkable?

For starters, it boasts an original soundtrack composed exclusively for this board game, adding an authentic and immersive layer to the gameplay experience.

Moreover, we've gone to great lengths to ensure that every detail is thematically accurate and true to Jakarta. As the author resides in this vibrant city, playtesting has been a collaborative effort with the very people who call Jakarta home. Their insights, stories, and laughter have helped shape "Jakarta Traffic" into the remarkable game it is today.

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