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Thiefdom: The Contest of the Thieves' Guilds

In the heart of the Middle Rhine Valley, the thieves' guilds have been thrown into chaos with the disappearance of their leaders. Following a long-standing tradition, the thieves have initiated a competition for the prestigious title of "Master Guild." To claim this honor, guilds must showcase a balance of coordination, skill, and cunning.


Bacharach, a town situated along the Rhine River known for its prized fire wine production and abundant timber resources, has seen prosperity concentrated among the few, leaving the less fortunate to endure suffering. In a bid for a fairer distribution of wealth, the council of thieves has decided to donate the gold amassed during their contest to the impoverished.

Now, the fate of the thieves' guilds lies in your hands as you assume control of one such guild. You'll be tasked with guiding the fortunes of three cunning thieves, each capable of earning you valuable victory points through their actions. After six nights of intrigue and strategy, the guild with the most victory points will ascend to the revered status of "Master Guild."

The game is published by Karma Games and was successfully funded in Kickstarter last year. Shipping is planed for end of 2024.


The unofficial Soundtrack

Soundtrack Cover

Bacharach 1420: A Musical Journey Through Thiefdom

Bacharach 1420 is a captivating musical odyssey that serves as the unofficial soundtrack for the board game, Thiefdom. Each track on this album has been meticulously crafted to immerse players in the world of rivaling guilds of thieves, where honor is sought through cunning heists and daring adventures. Inspired by the game's themes and narrative, these compositions weave a rich tapestry of sounds that enhance the gaming experience and transport listeners to the heart of the action.

Bacharach 1420 is not merely a soundtrack; it can be a part of the Thiefdom experience, enhancing gameplay and immersing players in the world of cunning thieves, treacherous adventures, and hidden treasures. With its evocative melodies and thematic depth, this album promises to enrich your Thiefdom adventure like never before.


A Night in Thiefdom: Game Mechanics


Each night in Thiefdom follows a structured sequence:


  • Planning Phase: Players simultaneously devise the movement order for their three thieves and the neutral figures they control that night, such as city guards, carriages, and nobles. The plans are then revealed simultaneously.

  • Action Phase (Night): Players execute the actions in the order determined during the planning phase.

  • Administration Phase (Day): The day phase involves cleanup and preparation for the forthcoming night.


Thiefdom's town layout features eight modular and double-printed town quarters, creating a dynamic and unique pick-up-and-deliver puzzle in every game. The game also offers a diverse range of equipment for thieves to purchase, each granting unique abilities, and a cast of 36 unique tavern guests to support your guild's endeavors.


In Thiefdom, you'll experience a thrilling journey of strategy, subterfuge, and competition as you aim to outwit your rivals and claim the title of "Master Guild." Are you ready to embark on this medieval adventure in Bacharach, where cunning thieves rule the night?

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